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Siemplify Emerges From Stealth



Siemplify emerged from stealth mode today with the first  security operations platform to employ the same advanced cybersecurity methodologies used by leading military insiemplifytelligence organizations.

The Siemplify Threat Analysis Platform automatically correlates security alerts, identifies and prioritizes incidents, and graphically depicts the complete threat chain, setting new standards for time-to-insight and time-to-remediate. The platform acts as a central hub linking an organization’s existing security, threat intelligence and risk management tools, including Splunk and popular SIEMs, effectively improving the return on those investments.

According to a study conducted by HP and the Ponemon Institute, companies need an average of 46 days to resolve a cyberattack.

“The problem is not detection per se but discerning the threats hidden in the noise of thousands of alerts generated by the disparate security monitoring systems,” said Amos Stern, CEO and co-founder of Siemplify. “This makes it impossible to see the broader attack chain and identify root cause quickly.”

Multiple Fortune 50 companies in consumer packaged goods and financial services are currently piloting the Siemplify Threat Analysis Platform in the U.S. Early adopters of the platform also include several of the largest banking, telecommunications and pharmaceutical firms in Israel.

“Siemplify has been a game changer for us,” said Arieh Shalem, chief information and security officer (CISO) at Orange Telecommunications Israel. “Analyzing and prioritizing tens of thousands of security alerts has been very time consuming. Investigations have been compromised by limited visibility and inadequate tools. Siemplify connects the dots in real time, allowing us to shorten the period of time from detection to mitigation from weeks to minutes.”


“Siemplify fills a huge void in the security operations center today,” said early investor and board member Alex Pinchev, president of global sales and marketing at Rackspace. “It integrates and unifies information in real time from throughout the security infrastructure, and its powerful analytics and visualization tools enable analysts to assess the situation and respond more effectively than ever before. It’s a complete empowerment play for every CISO, security manager and security analyst out there.”


The Siemplify founding team spent more than a decade in an elite tech unit of the Israeli Intelligence building threat investigation systems and leading the front lines for emergency cyberthreat response. The co-founders are:

  • Amos Stern, CEO, brings unique technical and business expertise that includes leadership of the Cyber Security department within the IDF Intelligence Corps as well as directing sales and business development for the Cyber & Intelligence Division of Elbit Systems Ltd.
  • Alon Cohen, vice president of research and development, brings extensive technological and development-management experience from Israel’s intelligence agency and the Elbit Cyber & Intelligence Division. Alon is a renowned expert in intelligence analysis systems, graph analysis and defensive cyber solutions development.
  • Garry Fatakhov, chief research officer, is the algorithmic research pillar at Siemplify, directing research efforts with multiple patent filings. Garry brings extensive knowledge in data mining, big data analysis and machine learning. His experience ranges from algorithmic trading to crime prediction algorithms to anomaly detection in enterprise networks.