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Cybereason™ Integrates Lockheed Martin Threat Intelligence



Cybereason_LogoCybereason today announced enhancements to its Endpoint Detection and Response platform. Thanks to its strategic partnership with Lockheed Martin, a Cybereason customer, investor and partner, Cybereason has exclusive access to this previously unavailable threat intelligence, which customers can integrate into the Cybereason platform.  Cybereason's guided remediation capabilities provide security teams with the means to accelerate the process of thwarting identified malicious operations or Malops™.

"We often look to our partners to help shape and create best practices and products, and have been working with Cybereason to do just that," said Angie Heise, vice president, Lockheed Martin Commercial Cyber. "Cybereason's market leading endpoint threat detection and response capabilities complement our cyber security offerings, providing customers a best of breed EDR solution."

The Cybereason platform consists of three components: Endpoint Silent Sensors, the Malop Hunting Engine and the Incident & Response Console. The sensors collect data from endpoints and servers and send it to the Malop Hunting Engine, which identifies and connects suspicious activities in order to confirm the presence of a Malop. Cybereason's Incident & Response Console presents the Malop as a visual story of the attack, including information needed to assess, investigate and respond to it. The console delivers important information about the attack including its timeline, root cause, affected endpoints and compromised users, which, along with other data, enables security analysts to act quickly.

Customers that want to benefit from Cybereason's access to Lockheed Martin threat intelligence can choose to have it seamlessly integrated into the Malop Hunting Engine where it provides visibility and detection based on one of the world's most comprehensive intelligence sources.

"Our goal when providing automated real time detection is to enable our customers to respond quickly and effectively to confirmed malicious activity," said Ashish Larivee, Vice President of Products, Cybereason. "The remediation steps we offer are crafted to address specific Malop circumstances, applying automation in a way that empowers our customers to be smart, agile defenders. It reflects our belief that while detection should be automated, response depends on situational awareness and requires human judgment."